Global FinTech & Blockchain Forum 2019

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Global FinTech & Blockchain Forum 2019

Pyramid Learning Platforms Conferences in Bangalore

Global FinTech & Blockchain Forum 2019

Bangalore, Karnataka India
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

About the event

Global FinTech & Blockchain Forum 2019

Global FinTech & Blockchain Forum 2019 – FinTech is another name for staying ahead through rapid development and innovation.

In today’s world, it is impossible to discuss Fintech without the mention of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The advent of Blockchain and ICOs, have paved new paths for disruptive and innovative businesses.

This new tech is rapidly increasing its forte in the Fintech space and is giving birth to new opportunities; but not without its own cost, the cost of being misled by some Blockchain based ICOs and startups.

With so much happening in today’s fintech environment, it becomes increasingly important to stay abreast with the latest happenings.

This conference aims at presenting the latest up-to-date topics; by lining up able bitcoin, cryptocurrency and fintech experts; who would share their vision; knowledge and key insights. The forum would discuss the opportunities and challenges spurring this new innovation.

From payments to open banking From AI technology to lending, credit, and DLT; the forum will be a center of the experts power discussing the future of fintech and private banking with blockchain, the role of cryptocurrencies in the fintech space and why blockchain and cryptocurrencies are leading players in this revolution.

Why attend?

Our aim is to educate and involve the ecosystem and creating collaboration opportunities about the latest trends. With the lineup of industry experts, we bring together perspectives across different industries, delve on the latest happenings, and discuss used cases.

We have created an ideal platform for practitioners and industry experts to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

“Come be part of our forum – help us help you increase your knowledge base”. 

FinTech Pyramid Platforms Learning


    08:30 am – 09:00 am
    Registration & Welcome Note


    09:00   – 09:40
    Blockchain for the Enterprise

    Speaker: Krishnaprasad Shastry, Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    Abstract: The growing number of proofs-of-concept and pilots has validated the transformational potential of Blockchain on everything from banking, to supply chains, medical records, voting, and even personal identity. It has also validated that, for the enterprise, there is still a great deal of work to be done before Blockchain is ready for large-scale production. In this talk, we will discuss Blockchain’s impact and give practical advice to address the challenges enterprise organizations face as they move forward.

    Bio: KrishnaPrasad Shastry is a Distinguished Technologist and head of Advance Development Center part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO office. In this role he is responsible for driving strategic programs and advance development in emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and intelligent edge. In his 15 years with HPE, Prasad has led several research and advance development activities in the areas of big data, software accelerators, in-storage computing and memory-driven computing.

    Gokul Alex Speaker Global Fintech Forum 2019

    09:40   – 10:20
    Blockchain Governance : Building Simple, Secure, Scalable Distributed Ledgers
    Speaker: Gokul Alex, Associate Director at PwC / MVP Ambassdor at Hedera Hashgraph

    Prasanna Padmanabhan Speaker global-fintech-forum-2019

    10:20  – 11:00
    Emergence of Blockchain IoT
    Speaker: Prasanna Padmanabhan, Co-Founder at Pichain Innovations Pvt Ltd/ Hyperledger Blockchain Head at Kerala Blockchain Academy

    Abstract – Blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) advancements are felt throughout our daily lives. A Gartner study estimates blockchain will add $3.1 trillion in business value by 2030, and in another analysis the global IoT market is expected to grow from $157B in 2016 to $457B by 2020. We are about to see more change than we could imagine with blockchain and IoT.

    These applications will disrupt existing processes across variety of industries including manufacturing, trading, shipping, the financial sector and healthcare. In spite of these advancements security remains a top concern for the IoT ecosystem as it exposes multiple devices, huge amounts of data, supply chain partners and the community as a whole to security breaches.

    To ensure trust, authentication and standardization across all elements of IoT are essential for widespread adoption. Blockchain helps is Reducing Cost,Accelerate Transaction and Build Trust across the IOT-Eco System. In spite of all its benefits, the Blockchain model is not without its flaws and shortcomings.Scalability issues,Processing power and time,Storage will be a hurdle,Legal and compliance issues,Lack of skills are some of the issues which needs to be sorted out for IOT to be become a key enabler

    Bio – 16+ years of work experience in the IT industry with specialization in Blockchain : Hyperledger and Ethereum,Java/J2EE Technologies and Deep learning. Co-Founder PiChain Innovations Pvt Ltd, a AI and Blockchain Company

    Conducted around 10 Blockhain workshops and seminars specialized in Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric in year 2018.Secured 1 st Prize in the Prestigous BTS Blockchain Hackathon conducted by Government of Karnataka for demonstrating the use of blockchain in Identity Management.

    He was a  Blockchain Head at Kerala Blockchain Academy. Executive MBA from Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore (IIMB)

    Pyramid Networking Tea

    11:00 – 11:20
    Networking and Refreshment Break

    Chakrapani Sakhumalla from Myntra Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    11:20 – 12:00
    Fintech, future is personalized

    Speaker: Chakrapani Sakhumalla, Associate Director at Myntra/ Co-Founder, Investor at kenvault/ Ex Cisco

    Topic Abstract – Future of personalisation in Fintech is disrupting the brighter side of the eco system with the influentials from technology, consumers and governance, etc.

    Bio – Innovator and entrepreneur with 20 years in business leadership.

    Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management. A seasoned results-oriented leader and expert in communicating business and its strategies to generate improving revenue and profitability by maximizing effectiveness of technology and inspiring team members to heightened achievement.

    Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback. I’m disciplined, cost-conscious manager resolve to accomplish company objectives within budget through best practices.

    Specialties: E(M)-Commerce (Fashion, Apparel and R(E)-Tail), Data Analytics, Client-Server, SOA, Micro Services, Embedded, Set Top Box, Digital TV, IP, Home-Networking and Cloud Computing.

    End 2 End Portfolio/Product/Program, Operations and Delivery Management.

    Agile and Waterfall life-cycle framework

    Rajan Kotadi Speaker Pyramid Learning Platforms

    12:00 – 12:40
    Blockchain Platform as a service
    Speaker: Rajan Kotadi,
    Founder, Blockchain Innovation Lab

    Lunch Pyramid Learning Platforms

    12:40 – 13:40
    Lunch Break

    Sharat Chandra Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    13:40 – 14:20
    Blockchain in the Government Sector
    Speaker- Sharat Chandra
    , Bangalore Chapter Leader at Government Blockchain Association

    Topic Abstract- GBA Blockchain Vital Records Project . Now birth certificates are being issued on Blockchain in West Bengal, India, as a result of the efforts made by the Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation. Other government organizations have been following these developments and hope to follow in their steps. It is clear that governments around the world will need support to transition from the legacy systems to a blockchain based system. GBA Blockchain Vital Records project aims to provide identity management solutions to governments at local and state level.

    Bio- Sharat Chandra leads the Bangalore Chapter for Government Blockchain Association (GBA). Sharat is a Blockchain Council Member, Consultant, ICO Advisor and Content Marketer. He has rich cross-functional experience in US Healthcare, Financial Services and IT. Sharat has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, American Express, Cognizant. General Electric and Polaris.



    14:20 – 15:00
    Nth Degree of Blockchain  – Reshaping the way you identify opportunities.

    Speaker: Valerina S. Co-Founder at Speculative Rationality.

    Speaker: Topic Abstract – The exposure to decentralisation as a concept presents the audience with a crisis of knowledge – knowing too little (hypocognition) or imposing preconceived knowledge (hypercognition) – both of which limit their ability to grasp or imagine the full extent of opportunities/possibilities that arise as the space matures. The speech will demonstrate the application of mental models to overcome crisis of knowledge by presenting a specific example demonstrating the extrapolation from current reality to the nth degree of absurdity. The aim is for the audience to walk away from the speech with better models by which to observe, examine and imagine the ramp up to a mature landscape or “decentralised economy” and the opportunities that arise from that progression.

    Bio  – Valerina, Co-founded Speculative Rationality – a thought leadership platform with a blockchain research mandate that focuses on bleeding edge technology and the realisation of a decentralised ecosystem. Speculative Rationality strategically partners with industry leading projects, incubators, governments, working groups and universities in its endeavour to drive technological development and propel the space towards adoption.


    Rohit Sharma Speaker Global Fintech Speaker Bangalore

    15:00 – 15:40
    Risk considerations while implementing blockchain
    Speaker: Rohit Sharma, Sr. Manager Risk Advisory / Practice Head for Blockchain at Deloitte

    Bio: Rohit is a Senior Manager with the Risk Advisory practice of Deloitte.Heis an information security professional with an overall 12 years of consulting experience in information security domain. He has hands on experience in designing and deploying integrated security frameworks that address the risk spectrum from People, Process and Technology for clients in various verticals.
    He specializes in executing and managing projects in the areas of Information security, Data privacy and Information technologyrisk assessment, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, Vendor Risk Management, RBI Guidelines, Cloud Security and GRC.
    Rohit has successfully drafted a Blockchain Cyber Risk Management framework for Deloitte and also carried out R&D on various blockchainplatforms like MultiChainand Ethereum. He has also explored Smart contracts in Ethereumwith Solidity programming along with Python and supported the team to implement Trade finance use case. He holds CISA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor & Implementer, ISO 20000 Lead Auditor, CISSP, CCSP, Blockchain.
    He has been a speaker in multiple forum and has actively participated in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives within and outside Deloitte.
    Industry experience: Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Financial services, Telecom, Retail and Media sector

    Networking Tea/Coffee Pyramid Learning Platforms

    15:40  – 16:00
    Networking & Refreshment break

    Sujan Gowda Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    16:00 – 16:40
    The convergence of AI and Blockchain: what’s the deal for Fintech?
    Speaker: Sujan GowdaCTO, Nvest / Founder, YoloCard Protocol

    Raja Piramuthu Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    16:40 – 17:20
    Fintech and Blockchain Innovations
    Speaker: Raja Piramuthu, Director at Capgemini

    Pyramid Learning Platforms End Note

    17:20 – 17:45
    Closing ceremony with note of Thanks & Felicitation

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Venue: Courtyard by Marriott Bengaluru
NO 2/55, Nagavara, 560045 Bangalore, India

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