Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

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Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

GBF global blockchain forum 2019 in mumbai

Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

Mumbai India
8:45 am - 5:30 pm

About the event

Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave – FinTech is another name for staying ahead through rapid development and innovation.

In today’s world, it is impossible to discuss Fintech without the mention of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The advent of Blockchain and ICOs, have paved new paths for disruptive and innovative businesses.

This new tech is rapidly increasing its forte in the Fintech space and is giving birth to new opportunities; but not without its own cost, the cost of being misled by some Blockchain based ICOs and start – ups.

With so much happening in today’s fintech environment, it becomes increasingly important to stay abreast with the latest happenings.

This conference aims at presenting the latest up-to-date topics; by lining up able bitcoin, crypotcurrency and fintech experts; who would share their vision; knowledge and key insights. The forum would discuss the opportunities and challenges spurring this new innovation.

àFrom payments to open bankingà From AI technology to lending, credit and DLT; the forum will be a center of the experts power discussing the future of fintech and private banking with blockchain, the role of cryptocurriencies in the fintech space and why blockchain and cryptcurriencies are leading players in this revolution.

Why attend?

Our aim is to educate and involve the ecosystem and creating collaboration opportunities about the latest trends. With the lineup of industry experts, we bring together perspectives across different industries, delve on the latest happenings, and discuss used cases.

We have created an ideal platform for practitioners and industry experts to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

“Come be part of our forum – help us help you increase your knowledge base”. 


08:45   – 09:00

09:00   – 09:10
Conference Summary

Prasanna Lohar Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

09:10   – 09:50
FinTech and Blockchain Innovations
Speaker Prasanna Lohar, Head – Technology Innovation, DCB Bank

Suresh S Shan Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

09:50 – 10:30
Future of Payments
Speaker: Suresh A Shan, Head Digital Innovation and Future Technology (BITS) Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Limited.

Bio: By Shri shri Ramana Maharishi -Try to use Well Known Ethics to understand from UN Know Epics. Suresh Should as a Transformational Mentor, Train the Masters Trainer, Educator, and Author; I am more passionate about making a difference using Simple things from our Culture habits & Behavior.
Belief Behavior Business, which I am more Passion about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused Individual Results. My Request to transform livelihood happiness stems up from making people’s lives easier and simple to listen, happier, and live more meaningful.
I empower local technology Inspirations to ensure through global Available and affordable Aspirations. My learners through transformational lectures, seminars customized indoor sessions, energizing outbound programs, and insightful one to one personalized Mentoring.
I work with Corporate, Students, Faculty, Expertise, and industry relevant Executives, Innovation Local rural leaders, and training all managers to create powerful growth hacks for individual contributors, Startup Entrepreneurs, People team leaders, and with the tangible Senior Management.
I also work with Educational Promoters, Principals, and Teachers of residential, CSI student chapter schools, and premier Engineering institutions. I share my knowledge and impart leadership programs for Educational Leaders.
My Vision & Mission is to groom and develop national level train the trainers to have trainers in every state building & Bridge the Industry Vs Academics Alignment by 31 Dec 2021. I work with Corporate to empower their Business teams to update, upgrade, and upscale their facilitation skills to handle Simple technology Solutions at Rural India.
Looking for a nice and wonderful Human Beings, who can show me “A drop of knowledge”, that can add up my life with a Value – Experience. Specialties:


10:30 – 11:10
Crack the Code: NeuroAgile and BlockChain…In the Vuca Era
Speaker: Simmy Kataria, Chief Mentor and Advisor – Tabula Rasa Counsulting – Neuro-Behavioral Scientist

Bio: Dr. Simmy Kataria is a executive coach, counselor, trainer and an educator with over two decades in the business world where she has provided global and local strategy to roll-out marketing strategies, managed, led, mentored, coached, trained and developed capable executives in the Middle East, Far East, United States and India.

Pyramid Networking Tea

11:10 – 11:30
Networking and Refreshment Break

Sarang Bhoyar Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

11:30 – 12:10
Hype’s over, let’s talk about implementation challenge
Speaker: Sarang Bhoyar, Blockchain Leader at Infosys
Topic Abstract
: In this talk, Sarang would share his experiences of real life implementations of Blockchain programs for reputed clients and challenges that you can expect during your Blockchain implementation journeys e.g. Selection of Blockchain Framework, Integration with existing applications, Performance & Scaling, Governance model, etc.

Bio: Sarang is a Blockchain Leader from Infosys that sets large organizations on Blockchain transformation journey and helps them realize the benefits of early-embracing of Blockchain technology that is arguably the next biggest disruption in in all industries, BFSI in specific. Sarang has 18.5+ years of industry experience and has a distinction of being one of the firsts who has ACTUALLY production-implemented BLOCKCHAIN technology for International Remittances and Domestic Trade in India. He is hands-on in architecting a Blockchain products on various Blockchain frameworks (Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ripple, etc.) and building industry popular use cases.


12:10 – 12:50
Panel Discussion – A Cross industry perspective on Blockchain

Panelist 1: Kumar Guarav, Founder & CEO Cashaa
Bio: Kumar’s journey in the blockchain has started after he read about the Bitcoin Whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2013. The World Economic Forum considered the blockchain technology as the most important invention after the Internet.
Due to its power and growth beyond visionary platform it is also called the “Internet of Value”, of course as internet is the FUTURE of present.

Kumar is a popular international speaker and an emerging tycoon who has grown his own suffix of technology and was invited at IIT, TieCON, TechCrunch, European parliament and many conferences and forums across the globe. He was recently nominated among the World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the future market and tech era.

akash gaurav speaker at pyramid learning platforms

Panelists 2: Akash Gaurav, CEO at Auxesis Group
Bio: Akash is a blockchain entrepreneur. He founded India’s first blockchain company, Auxesis Group during his undergraduate studies at IIT Bombay. Auxesis today is counted among The Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company in the World. Akash also founded Blockchain Lab, India and Aux ledger Foundation. He is in advisory board of hot Blockchain startup Cashaa, a zero fee money remittance company and VEDA, an enterprise decentralised apps network. He is also a mentor to Entrepreneurship Club of MISB Bocconi. Before founding Auxesis, Akash was the manager of The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay which is India’s largest entrepreneurship promoting club. As a manager, he led a team of 120 volunteers to organise global level entrepreneurship programs and summits. He was also a core group member of Innovation Cell, IIT Bombay where the team successfully proposed a new model for India’s first self-driving car.The blockchain is a new technology that holds tremendous potential to bring the 4th industrial revolution. Under his supervision, Auxesis did set-up a Blockchain Lab in India with a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and researchers. They work together on the innovation of blockchain to get solutions of different problems faced by the masses in the developing countries like India. Aux ledger Foundation is setted up with a vision of “Blockchain for Digital India”.This publicly available Blockchain infrastructure is aiming to act asa value chain for Indian economy enabling trust, transparency and efficiency in various business processes.

karishma kunder speaker pyramid learning platforms

Panelists 3 cum Moderator: Karishma Kunder, Co-Founder & CEO at BlobCity


Panelists 4: Abhishek KothariCo-Founder at

Bio: Mr. Abhishek Kothari started his journey as a Co-Founder at in 2016, now completing about 3 and a half years. Mr. Abhishek has about 11+ years of experience in building data and analytics led strategies. He has a vast experience in the International Financial Services with a focus on Fintech, risk and marketing analytics using non-traditional scoring constructs, which are fundamental to the SME lending business.

Mr. Abhishek Kothari was associated with Fractal Analytics and Barclay Card in the role of Vice President


Panelists 5: Simmy Kataria, Chief Mentor and Advisor – Tabula Rasa Counsulting – Neuro-Behavioral Scientist

Lunch Pyramid Learning Platforms

12:50 – 13:50
Lunch Break

Girish Bajaj Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms at Global Fintech and Blockchain Forum 2019

13:50 – 14:30
Blockchain for Hotel & Construction Industry
Speaker – Girish Bajaj, Blockchain, AI, Fintech & ICO Global Strategic CEO. International Speaker

Bio – I have been in the Financial Services sector for 17 years plus, with experience and expertise in Equity Markets, Mutual Funds, Forex, Insurance and Real Estate verticals.

Advising/Arranging on fund raising for seed stage and developing overall strategy plan to achieve the start-ups respective vision.

To be competitive in today’s dynamic technology driven global economy and commerce, it is  critical to have knowledge about the cutting edge Blockchain technology.


14:30 – 15:10
Panel Discussion – Impact of Blockchain on Financial industry

Panelist 1: Kumar Guarav, Founder & CEO Cashaa


Panelist 2: Rajat Sinha, AVP Products & Marketing, LenDenClub

Bio: At the age 20, Rajat started his entrepreneurial journey and built an exclusive online magazine to give young journalists a platform to explore their skills. With the educational background in journalism and advertising, Rajat had also worked with various online entertainment startups helping them build consumer centric products.

His first breakthrough came when Rajat conceptualised digital strategies for a leading Indian brand, creating a digital sourcing channel and generating revenue in millions every quarter. Since then he has conceptualised and built over a dozen products in EdTech, SportsTech and Fintech segments. Today, Rajat is heading the products and digital division as an AVP for India’s leading P2P lending platform, LenDenClub. He and his team has developed products to help consumers get loans faster with the help of automation and innovative features, which eventually helped the growth of LenDenClub’s user base by over 20x in just a year.

Besides this, Rajat is also an active member of the Indian startup ecosystem and has contributed to the success of Startup Saturday Kolkata and Mumbai.

karishma kunder speaker pyramid learning platforms

Panelists 3 cum Moderator: Karishma Kunder, Co-Founder & CEO at BlobCity


Panelists 4: Pushkar Pradhan, Senior Blockchain Consultant, Tech Mahindra

Lunch Pyramid Learning Platforms

15:10  – 15:30
Networking & Refreshment break

Sanket Sarang Speaker Pyramid Learning Platforms

15:30 – 16:10
Implementing tradable Wastewater Reuse Certificates on a public Blockchain to address the world’s growing water challenges
Speaker Sanket Sarang, CTO – BlobCity

rahul tayal speaker at global blockchain forum 2019 mumbai by Pyramid Learning Platforms

16:10 – 16:50
Blockchain Innovations across domains
Speaker: Rahul Tayal, Senior Technical Architect at Capgemini

Bio: Rahul Tayal specializes in Blockchain and related technologies with a focus to enable enterprises to identify and build new business value through Blockchain. Trained as an architect, he has a unique 15 years background in Security, Cryptography, Linux kernel, device drivers and Intelligent Automation. With an MS in Embedded Systems and multi domain experience in realizing Blockchain based solutions he is regularly involved with clients to advice, innovate and thus partner with them on their digital journey. He has been involved in creating a new business model for the telecom industry, a sea food autonomous marketplace, a supply chain transparency solution that enables organizations to also comply to regulatory requirements amongst others.


16:50 – 17:30
BFSI Solutions in Blockchain – An Overview.

Speaker: Pushkar Pradhan, Senior Blockchain Consultant, Tech Mahindra

Topics Abstract: A brief on what BFSI clients look for in a Blockchain solution. The discussion would cover an overview of the typical questions asked by BFSI clients –  Their general questions, apprehensions, hindrances to implement, views about Blockchain, legacy implications, why Blockchain, is Blockchain the holy grail, methodology and timelines, protocols to be used, cost benefits, management approvals etc.

Bio: An overall experience of 16 years and Business Analyst with over 12 years of experience in the  Banking Domain in multiple areas in Core Banking and Digital Banking. Leading the BFSI Blockchain Initiatives with Tech Mahindra.

Worked as Analyst with multiple large projects at onsite and offshore.

Involved in making Blockchain based pitches, implementing Blockchain solutions with multiple clients, developing an Alliance network with niche Blockchain players.

Pyramid Learning Platforms End Note

17:30 – 17:40
Closing ceremony with note of Thanks & Felicitation

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