Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

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Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave


Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

8:45 am - 5:30 pm

About the event

Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave – FinTech is another name for staying ahead through rapid development and innovation.

In today’s world, it is impossible to discuss Fintech without the mention of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The advent of Blockchain and ICOs, have paved new paths for disruptive and innovative businesses.

This new tech is rapidly increasing its forte in the Fintech space and is giving birth to new opportunities; but not without its own cost, the cost of being misled by some Blockchain based ICOs and start – ups.

With so much happening in today’s fintech environment, it becomes increasingly important to stay abreast with the latest happenings.

This conference aims at presenting the latest up-to-date topics; by lining up able bitcoin, crypotcurrency and fintech experts; who would share their vision; knowledge and key insights. The forum would discuss the opportunities and challenges spurring this new innovation.

àFrom payments to open bankingà From AI technology to lending, credit and DLT; the forum will be a center of the experts power discussing the future of fintech and private banking with blockchain, the role of cryptocurriencies in the fintech space and why blockchain and cryptcurriencies are leading players in this revolution.

Why attend?

Our aim is to educate and involve the ecosystem and creating collaboration opportunities about the latest trends. With the lineup of industry experts, we bring together perspectives across different industries, delve on the latest happenings, and discuss used cases.

We have created an ideal platform for practitioners and industry experts to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

“Come be part of our forum – help us help you increase your knowledge base”. 


    08:45  – 09:00

    09:00 – 09:10
    Conference Summary

    Networking Pyramid Learning Platforms

    09:10 – 09:50
    FinTech and Blockchain Innovations

    Arnoud W. Berghuis Speaker at Amsterdam Global Fintech and Blockchain Forum 2019

    09:50  – 10:30
    Language is a human most powerful tool to control the blockchain and AI based systems
    Speaker: Arnoud. W. Berghuis MSc., Co-Founder / Board at Dutch Blockchain Association and Blockchain Knowledge Foundation

    Topic Abstract – “Solving the need to make error free smart contracts faster” Language is a human most powerful & flexible tool. Humans need language to transfer knowledge and trust between each other. Now we need a new language to program the blockchain and AI systems without errors and misunderstanding. This is key for regulators, because error and fraud are closely related.

    In this talk, I explain the need for machine-generated smart contracts. Error-free and contracts without error & misunderstanding are key because blockchain is write-only. Wrong contracts cannot be deleted.

    There is a need to understand and verify the smart contract by those who take the final responsibility. Our Universal blockchain language (UBL) enables managers to produce error-free

    executable blockchain code 10 x faster. The compiler does the work, generates executable like Solidity for Ethereum or Quorum blockchains. More important than speed is that our UBL

    makes that lawyers or managers can understand (R/W/Validate) blockchains and that code are error-free. The blockchain is write-only, hence errors cannot be removed!

    UBL comes with a simple 2 STEP methodology to grantee error-free code:

    First, the natural language input texts can be validated for correctness by domain experts. Second, the compiler does the work and compiles to the executable blockchain.

    I can show a quick example letting managers or lawyers & accountants read some natural code. The proof is in the pudding. I highlight further the need for a semantic blockchain or blueprints to guarantee error-free adaptable blockchains and maintainable readable “code”.

    For this talk I would like to position Nakamoto’s achievements within a broader logical framework. Our UBL language uses a mathematical translation formula. It works error-free and systematic. This “fehlerfrei”(error free) and systematic fits the first-order predicate logic thinking that Nakamoto brought us. The blockchain has a similar academic footprint called time-stamping. We call time-stamping also “punktlichkeit” I would love to bring a claim that Nakamoto had his roots in Greek/Cyprus logic or European rational thinking. Over decades similarly minded researchers tried to translate one language into another by using a mathematical formula that uses semantics, grammar, and an ontology of the input and output language. Essential is that by using mathematics is that you always can always proof your translation is correct. Google cannot do this error-free. Google has the wrong paradigm for this task, it’s AI-based. Google cannot translate English into Java. The compiler can. The natural language has a full formal foundation and is completely conceptual and ontological universal. I could add a plea that natural blockchain language is also the perfect tool for case-based blockchain education within social sciences. I do not believe that alpha and gamma students should use beta tools like Java or even C, those tools are made for beta students. Lawyers never become real programmers. Additional I can talk about my new concept of caged autonomy for AI.

    Bio – Arnoud Berghuis is the founder of the Blockchain Knowledge Foundation (BKS). BKS is a development foundation for the blockchain, with the natural blockchain language UBL as the most important product.

    UBL is a structured natural language that specifies a blockchain at a highly conceptual level and translates this into an executable blockchain program code. He was researcher “agent – based modeling” (ABM) at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Groningen. Before that, he had a career with customer systems (CRM). He was co-owner of the CRM system when it went through an IPO in Frankfurt. He is passionate about applying technology to make everyone work together better. Every generation will discover how they organize them-selves best. Blockchain means that we will rearrange all economic, social and technical think-ing. All of a sudden, completely new solutions are possible. I am a frequent speaker.

    Erich Schnoeckel Speaker Pyramid Learning Platforms

    10:30 – 11:10
    How Blockchain will help businesses grow

    Speaker: Erich Schnoeckel, COO, Finturi, Thought Leader Blockchain & Fintech

    Topic Abstract: Blockchain technology has come along a long way and we have seen it shift from just being a hype to having real-world use cases. It has the potential to disrupt multiple industries like financial services, healthcare, retail, insurance and automotive. Realizing the advantages of using blockchain technology, a world economic forum survey suggested that 10% of the global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027. Experts have even said that ‘Blockchain is to trust, what web was to communication’. While the blockchain technology can add value to multiple industries, today we will discuss a slice of the big pie – that is how can blockchain help businesses grow.

    The talk will mainly cover below topics.

    1. Challenges faced by businesses
    2. Opportunities for improvement
    3. Blockchain – Solution to the problems
    4. Combining Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    5. Real world use case Blockchain can help automate and streamline processes and make financing faster, low-cost, quicker and easier for businesses. Combining blockchain with other technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can solve cash-flow problems of businesses and in turn, benefit the economy.
    Pyramid Networking Tea

    11:10 – 11:30
    Networking and Refreshment Break

    nadja-van-der-veer speaker at Pyramid Leaning Platforms

    11:30 – 12:10
    Security & Privacy on Blockchain
    Speaker – Nadja van der Veer, Co – Founder, Payments Lawyer at PaymentCounsel

    Bio: Nadja is a professional with over 10 years of experience in the international Payments industry and a legal expert in rules and regulations involving Financial Services, the European PSD, AML and data protection. As part of PaymentCounsel and Pytch Ventures, she consult Merchant Acquirers, Payment Services Providers and other FinTech companies in their start-up phases that want to expand their business internationally, while mitigating risk.

    Natacha Rousseau Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    12:10 – 12:50
    How to leverage VR and AR in blockchain or fintech
    Speaker – Natacha Rousseau, Co-founder of RousseauLinares, a Public Relations agency focused on blockchain & emerging technologies.

    Topic Abstract : Blockchain and VR/AR is now disrupting industries like education, healthcare, real estate, and, finance. While it may have seemed that much-hailed back in the 80’s AR and VR technologies were not destined to evolve into something viable, today their field of application is expanding at an impressive rate. As researchers say, the market for AR/VR solutions will reach $150 billion  in the United States by 2020, with AR beating VR by dramatic $120 billion.

    1) what are the opportunities and challenges?

    2) How can we take advantage of this movement/ opportunity

    3) Real -World case scenarios and solutions from Hollywood

    With regards to fintech, the disruption we are facing is the alleviation of the financial industry’s most evident “pain” — improving customer experience through the transformation of customer services.  The use of VR in fintech offers an opportunity to go to a virtual bank and hold virtualized meetings without having to visit a brick-and-mortar venue. Not only does it ride clients of a frustrating routine of talking to a human advisor, it also helps banks cut real estate and employment costs of setting up affiliate branches. AR solutions help integrate banking with real estate by automatically scanning real estate objects and offering mortgage calculations.

    Bio: Natacha Rousseau is a Strategic Communications specialist working with various blockchain companies and ICO’s including Path Network, Kind Heaven, NEM, NEM Foundation, Volavia, Qtum, Swarm Fund, Elixxir, and MitoQ to name a few.

    She is currently the spokesperson for David Chaum, the founder of DigiCash and Godfather of blockchain who built his own digital currency more than a decade before bitcoin was introduced. Dr. Chaum’s blockchain project is Elixir, a blockchain solution that enables fast, secure and confidential messaging and payments at minimal cost. It can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions each second, each message or payment delivered or confirmed within seconds, efficiently enabling use as a smartphone app.

    Natacha has a Master’s degree in Economics and has been working in the tech and fintech space for over 18years. She is fluent in French and conversational in Italian.

    Lunch Pyramid Learning Platforms

    12:50 – 13:50
    Lunch Break

    Pyramid Learning Platform Business Shakehand

    13:50 – 14:50

    Panel Discussion – FinTech – A Friend or Foe?


    gui-vohringer-speaker at pyramid learning platforms

    14:50 – 15:30
    Co-creating trust in a regulated industry
    Speaker: Gui Vohringe,
    Co-founder of Finos | Founder of Blockchain Simulation | Trust & Technology Expert | LSS Black Belt

    Topic abstract: A journey into how Finos managed to bring together competitors of a regulated and traditional industry to co-create a blockchain solution, which allows them to share sensitive information with each other for the protection of the financial system as a whole.

    Collaboration among competitors in regulated financial services sectors is something unheard of, however the world we live in today demands that companies come together to jointly protect the financial system from bad actors looking to exploit its weakest link. Finos brought together key members of the Trust industry to co-create a solution which allows them to share integrity risk events with each other. This talk gives a unique insight into the biggest challenges Finos had to overcome, which are universal challenges most FinTech companies and established organizations will need to address if they are to succeed in the decentralized future. It’s a story about creating trust between parties from both the technology and people perspectives.

    Bio: Gui Vohringer helps organisations reshape how they deliver value to their customers in an ever-changing digital world and guide them in their transformation to become more client-focused, use innovation to drive their growth and prepare them to take the digital lead. He has 10+ years of experience as a strategic adviser, business transformation consultant and innovator in the financial services industry. He uses his skill as a master communicator to bridge the knowledge gap between technology and business and create a common understanding that fuels innovation.

    Networking Tea/Coffee Pyramid Learning Platforms

    15:30  – 15:50
    Networking & Refreshment break

    Pyramid Learning Platform Business Shakehand

    15:50 – 16:30
    The State of Cash in a FinTech World

    Networking Pyramid Learning Platforms

    16:30 – 17:10
    Need of better information for Crypto Investors

    Pyramid Learning Platforms End Note

    17:10 – 17:30
    Closing ceremony with note of Thanks & Felicitation

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Global Blockchain Forum 2019 – The Next Wave

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