AI, Machine Learning Forum 2018 – The Intelligent Technology

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AI, Machine Learning Forum 2018 – The Intelligent Technology

AI,Machine Learning -Pyramid Learning Plarforms, Melbourne, Australia

AI, Machine Learning Forum 2018 – The Intelligent Technology

Brisbane, Australia
8:45 am - 5:00 pm

About the event

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have spring boarded from pages of science fiction and our imagination, into the real world. These technological advancements have game-changing implications for business of all sizes.

As organizations strive to grow and evolve – there is an inherent need to embrace technological advancements where data becomes a key ingredient for these organizations to develop an edge over competitors and determine business success.

Machine learning event Brisbane offers a new solution – the ability for algorithms to learn without the need to be programmed.

Artificial intelligence Summit brings with it a unique combination of man-to-machine interaction – where machines develop the required intelligence to process requests, connect data points, and draw conclusions.

AI is a new level of cognition that has truly grown useful in certain aspects of our daily lives in today’s world.

From automatically offering weather reports and travel alerts of your destination cities- to simple functions like setting reminders- to sending invitations to picking up a birthday cake to- AI assisting you instinctively segmenting your customer groups for targeted messaging and increased response rates- to self driving cars.

Why attend?

Our conference aims at how all these topics – AI, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive sciences relate by exploring basic components of AI and how various technologies have come together to help machines become smarter and more intelligent.

We bring to you leaders in the field to discuss at length the application of AI, machine learning, deep learning in finding a solution to business problems to shaping our daily lives.

“Come be part of our forum – help us help you increase your knowledge base”. 


    08:45 am – 09:00 am

    09:00 am – 09:15 am
    Conference Summary

    Lis New Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    09:15 am – 10:15 am
    Future of work and AI
    Speaker: Lisa New, Leader of the Community of Practice for the Fusion of Emerging Technologies for the Sydney Chapter of the VR/AR Association

    Topic of Abstract: The future of the workforce is in doubt with the exponential growth of AI that replaces people in mundane tasks and in tasks that computers are superior in. Dr New has researched a way to unleash the creativity of the workforce to work in symbiosis with AI in an optimal balance of innovation and action. She introduces an Universal Semantic Reasoning Layer as a common sense intuitive hypotheses development and evaluation human-human and human-computer AI language, user-friendly to laypersons for individual and shared Big Data cleaning, enhancement and querying, for the aim of expert group based evidence-based consensus development in a transparent consultative manner. In her approach, collaborators are core to the value of a Global Collaboration Platform that utilises the Full-Stack Semantic Layer to participate as cross-disciplinary laypersons vertically and horizontally across supply chains in: data identification, cleaning, integration, knowledge and wisdom creation. In this approach dynamic collective intelligence is a result of wisdom application and continuous improvement related to real world observations and majority consensus about best practice, supported by evolving AI decision support, to which value they also contribute. In turn, Global Platform Collaborators can when and where they work, choose the work that they are most interested in, have free access to high quality education that evolves with the Platform to continue to improve their professional capacities, and are rewarded in a transparent, equitable and incentivising manner for their Platform input and output in line with their evolving skills, expertise and innovative value of their participation.

    Speaker Bio: 

    Dr Lisa New grew up in South Africa and became a medical doctor there before leaving to live in London to travel, study and work. She attained a MBA in 1998 from the London Business School before moving to Australia in 1999. While working as a doctor she envisioned an improved healthcare system where everybody continuously learn, works and research in a dynamic collaboration, with the aim to learn collectively from mistakes, prevent harm and coordinate and sustain resources, including staff. She decided to do a MBA to learn how the commercial mindset works and to understand fiscal analyses and dynamic strategic thinking. She developed clarity regarding public service ‘holistic integrative care with open data and transparent accountability and decision-making’ vs. commercial self-enrichment and ‘competitive’ data ‘silo-fication’, and learnt what the opposition to an improved system and ways to overcome it may be. She believes in an outcome driven, transparent, integrated and coordinated holistic approach to just and ethical public services, products and providers, driven by Evidence Based Big data Decision Support. In her vision of the fusion of emerging technologies, all human work activities and resource development and management are aligned to Shared Golden Rules to Prevent Harm and Optimise Local, National and Global Risk Management and Resource Sustainability, and are supported by smart decision support and communication technologies in an interconnected Web 4.0 environment.

    • AI Innovations for Real World Applications- Aneesha Bakharia, Founder at Skylines and Hyperplanes
    • AI in Insurance, Risk & Operations Management – Vikas S Rajput, Principal Consultant (Data Analytics) CGI
    • AI in the view of Fintech and Insuretech industries and the impact on the financial teams- Erez Saf, President at CRiskCo

    Where Do We Come In? Three Dilemmas of AI and ML and How the Human Angle Can Help Us Solve Them- Bard Papegaaij, Director at Transgrowth International Pty Ltd

    Greg Pritchard Speaker Pyramid Learning Platforms

    10:15 am – 11:00 am
    AI Innovations for Real World Applications

    Speaker: Greg Pritchard, Executive and Business Coach/Leadership Trainer and Mentor/Speaker/Author at LEAD N EDGE Consulting

    Topic of Abstract:  A recent forecast from McKinsey Global Institute indicates that from 2018-2030 that AI resistors are still likely to be 50% of leaders (based on worldwide data sample) and that enthusiastic innovators just 12% but it is a mistake to consider artificial intelligence and machine learning to be the playground of traditional IT companies. Some fertile areas for investment include education where global classes for differential learning can overcome barriers in language, remedial support and advancing the gifted and talented; energy sectors where costs can be better-managed and humans removed from unsafe environments; and smart cars / smart cities. Quantum computing / high performance computing are also areas of focus in medical technologies including diagnosis. In this session, Greg will share insights into development priorities and strategies including discussing prototypes in an increasingly urgent development cycle. He will also discuss some of the development blind spots and share examples from past and present accelerated IT development cycles. Finally, he will compare voice intelligence with conversational intelligence (C-IQ) and the role voice intelligence could play in gene expression and human capability.

    Speaker Bio: 

    In 28 years as an executive leader, Greg experienced the successes and challenges of managing people, implementing change and delivering results. He has led thousands of people through large restructuring and business transformation projects and was the project director of a digital transformation ‘proof of concept’ in 2008 which won the Centrelink Gold Award.

    Greg is a social scientist but a leader first and a business & executive coach certified in multiple disciplines in the science of behaviour.  His roles have included:

    • National Change and Workplace Relations Manager for the implementation of revised structures and redesigned processes in compliance sites in the Federal Department of Human Services;
    • National Operations Manager for the Qld Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal – leading the team that paid $78m in early stage donated funds to flood victims in 2011;
    • National Project Director of digitisation projects and tools (delivering proof of concept and various redesign projects in a new processing environment for Centrelink);
    • International delegate to China recommending systems and structures for managing fraud in medical insurance delivery for AUSAid under the China / Australia Governance Program; and
    • Greg has been a property & services manager, a director of leadership and systems training, a business programs manager and has worked with multiple consultancy firms on projects that delivered fundamental structural change.

    Since 2012, Greg has worked as a business & executive coach and corporate educator with Australian and International clients – including organisations and clients in Middle East, Asian, African and Pacific Island Nations as well as indigenous and multi-cultural groups.

    Greg also works in partnership with other consultancy firms where the assignment includes a regeneration of executive leaders to focus them on transforming their organisation.

    He is also a Director and Training Director with Business Network International (BNI) and a business mentor and occasional chair in the Qld Government’s Mentoring for Growth Program.

    Pyramid Networking Tea

    11:00 am – 11:30 am
    Networking Tea / Coffee

    Erez Saf Speaker at Pyramid Learning Platforms

    11:30 am – 12:15 pm
    AI in the view of Fintech and Insuretech industries and the impact on the financial teams
    Speaker: Erez Saf,
    President at CRiskCo

    Topic of Abstract: Innovation has significantly influenced the financial technologies (Fintech) market in recent years. Fintech brings new tools dedicated to assisting and solving the challenges small and medium businesses face in the area of credit, funding, insurance and supply chain financing. The majority of the innovations rely on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with more than $1.2B USD invested in AI start-ups in 2016 alone.
    In this session you will learn about the new tools businesses can use, new opportunities to improve cash flow, and get access to credit and financing through new financials and insurance vehicles. Plus an opportunity for Q & A and networking.

    Speaker Bio: Erez Saf is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with vast experience in the corporate world. He was CIO at – the first peer-to-peer (P2P) lending start-up in Israel, development manager, and part of the R&D team in SAP Labs Israel and China. Erez has a Bachelor of Science in computer science and bioinformatics and holds an honor MBA from Tel Aviv University, where he specialized in Entrepreneurship and global consulting. For the past two years, Erez has led CRiskCo – a Fintech/Insuretech start-up using AI to provide a real-time business rating and fraud detection.


    12:15 pm – 01:00 pm
    Where Do We Come In? Three Dilemmas of AI and ML and How the Human Angle Can Help Us Solve Them
    Speaker: Bard Papegaaij
    , Director at Transgrowth International Pty Ltd

    Topic of Abstract: AI and ML show great promises for the future. Increasing processor power, storage and access to ever more data seem to suggest we are close to achieving ‘true intelligence’ in man-made machines. But that may be an optical illusion: rapid progress is not the same as almost being there. We may be further away from that breakthrough than we think. There are several large rocks to overcome to get there, three of which are: 1. The Complexity Dilemma: In complex environments humans use their feelings and intuition to make sense of incomplete and inconclusive data. That may not be perfect but it helps us solve the problem of ‘analysis paralysis’ – the constant quest for more and more data before we can come to any conclusions. In truly complex and fast-changing environments that process may never bottom out. How do we get AI and ML to operate reliably in this complex world of ours? 2. The Emotional Dilemma: For AI to achieve human-like intelligence (which it most likely will need to successfully cooperate with human beings) it would need more than just rational thinking and pre-programmed behaviours. In humans, both our thinking and our behaviours are intimately interwoven with having a physical body and all the processes that gives rise to. Our emotional processes are a crucial part of what makes us human and how we function in the physical world. But how do we create a similar system in AI without giving it a human body (which would somewhat defeat the purpose)? 3. The Social Dilemma: Even if we stop short of true human-like intelligence, AI and ML (including robotics) are close to becoming viable alternatives to human labour in many places, and are often seen as cheaper, more reliable, and more scalable alternatives to having to deal with an unpredictable human workforce. But do we really wish to replace humans in the workforce, the management, the government, the police, the army ….? Do we trust machines to have our best interests at heart (the one they don’t have)? Do we really want to build a future where most people will be made redundant? Where does that leave human society? I believe the solution to all three dilemmas lies in putting much more energy and focus into getting people and AI to work constructively together. AI can do the data-crunching and deep analytics and humans can bring in the sense-making, emotions, values and social responsibilities. We could call it the ‘augmented human’ or the ‘humanised AI’. That is, in my view, the real challenge going forward. And I challenge everyone in this audience to take your responsibility in this. Between ever more powerful AI and the pressing needs of the human race the future is, I firmly believe, in the balance – in every sense of the word.

    Speaker Bio: Bard is a philosopher, writer, practitioner and teacher with a deep compassion for the human condition and a burning desire to help people live better lives, do better work and create a more sustainable and socially connected society in the process. Those may be lofty goals and sound somewhat unobtainable, but Bard has a uniquely pragmatic approach to these challenges. He break complex concepts down into simple, compelling and powerful stories, frameworks and models. His keynotes and workshops give people practical tools and ways to take control of their own development. And his very personal style, sprinkled with humour, anecdotes and pearls of wisdom, engage and motivate audiences to see beyond the obvious and the limited, into a future in which anything is possible.

    Bard has spent his whole life trying to understand what makes us humans tick. Even though he worked most of his professional career in the IT industry, he has always approached everything from the human angle: how does it make us feel, why do we behave in this way, how do we decide, how do we change – or don’t? Introduced by his late wife Michal Levit to the field of Emotional Intelligence, he has explored the idea of the emotionally mature workplace and how to achieve that. Throughout 30+ years of working with organisations all over the planet he has helped individuals and organisations with maturing their awareness and mastery of their individual and collective emotional abilities; creating more inspiring and sustainable approaches to leadership and team development; and taking responsibility for the future evolution of their organisational cultures.

    He doesn’t just talk about these things, he can coach, mentor and facilitate workshops and off-sites for individuals, teams and even whole organisations. He always tailors his keynotes, workshops and off-sites to the needs of his clients, combining material from his extensive library of topics and modules with fresh material in new and effective ways.

    Lunch Pyramid Learning Platforms

    01:00 pm – 02:00 pm
    Networking Lunch.

    Daniel Yen Speaker Pyramid Leaning Platforms

    02:00 pm – 02:45 pm
    Abusing the AI Acronym
    Speaker: Daniel Yen
    , Management Consultant at|Founder & Digital Intelligence Practice Director at Digital Marketing ROI

    Pyramid Learning Platform Business Shakehand

    02:45 pm – 03:30 pm
    AI-Design Thinking

    Pyramid Networking Tea

    03:30 pm – 04:00 pm
    Networking Tea / Coffee


    04:00 pm – 04:45 pm
    Customer Centric AI
    Speaker: Dr. Aniruddha Dasgupta, Business Analyst at Federal Court of Australia, Director at Bluebell Research

    Pyramid Learning Platforms End Note

    04:45 pm – 05:00 pm
    Conference End Note

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