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Pinned Down By Passwords: Netizens’ Agony. ‘Your password is old and needs to be reset’, for any netizen this message is as hurtful and disruptive as biting the tongue while savouring a mint-laden chewing gum. The immediate reaction is ‘oh no not again’ or somewhat more combative ‘WTF, got it changed other day only’. In […]

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THE SNEAKY TESTER Create the Change You Want – Part 2

Coaching What it means Next, I want to talk about coaching. I mentioned in the previous post that the best way to master something is to learn it well enough that you can effectively explain it to someone else. Have you ever tried explaining something to a toddler? You: “Don’t kick the ball in the house”, Toddler: “Why?”, Y: “Because […]

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Create the Change You Want Self-review What it means The last section I’ll talk about is self-review. This entails thinking hard about where you are now, the skills and knowledge you have, the tools you use, the techniques you use, everything that is part of you doing your job. And then, take this picture, and […]



An article (with the linguistic glossing abbreviation ART) is a word that is used with a noun (as a standalone word or a prefix or suffix) to specify grammatical definiteness of the noun, and in some languages extending to volume or numerical scope.