7 DevOps trends to watch in 2018

7 DevOps trends to watch in 2018

As IT organizations continue to implement or modernize their DevOps practices, it’s important not to get left behind. IT operations management and development groups need to get a sense of where technologies are headed so they are ready to adapt when the time comes—or avoid the hype in some cases.

To help you understand the challenges and opportunities likely to arrive in 2017, TechBeacon spoke with experts in DevOps, cloud, microservices, containers, and emerging ecosystems such as serverless computing. Here’s what they had to say.

A clear definition of DevOps will finally emerge

IT companies have been struggling with DevOps transformations for years. J. Paul Reed, managing partner at Release Engineering Approaches, thinks that at least one struggle will end in 2017—the struggle to understand the exact definition of DevOps.

“2017 will be the year that DevOps is finally declared ‘1.0-stable’.” —J. Paul Reed

It’s no longer an emergent phenomenon because there’s been a lot of work to define and codify DevOps as a static set of principles and practices.”

Reed discussed the dilemma of DevOps divergence in his argument that DevOps is disintegrating. While that divergence will continue, the generally accepted definition of DevOps will be promoted, while others become increasingly minimized. “As for what this ultimately means for DevOps, ask me in 2018,” he says. “We’ll start to see this mechanism happen in 2017.”

Jeremy Likness, a blogger and director of application development at managed services provider iVision, has an idea of what that final definition will look like: the new application lifecycle management (ALM) methodology.

Many organizations will challenge agile and recognize DevOps as the new ALM methodology that is a generation beyond agile, rather than a superset. As part of this shift, we’ll see Infrastructure as Code (IoC) continue to gain a foothold in continuous delivery pipelines.” —Jeremy Likness


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